AIPAI - Associazione Italiana per il Patrimonio Archeologico Industriale

January 23, 2017


2018 to be the European Year of Cultural Heritage

In February the European Parliament will formally and officially declare 2018 to be the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
And, because of the role industry and technology played in the development of the European continent, and the influence Europe had on other continents, we are convinced that the industrial heritage should play a major role in the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
E-FAITH thus started a processus to gather and launch ideas about how to promote the European industrial heritage in 2018.
We had a first workshop in Barcelona of January 14th, where many ideas and proposals were formulated – some of these we already added to our new website at : (where also additional information will be made public)

But, we need YOUR support – send us YOUR ideas, YOUR proposals and what YOU will be planning for 2018!
We hope to produce a general industrial heritage agenda for 2018, especially showing the role and strength of associations and volunteers.

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